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Instructing Children Sewing Skills With Fun And Simple Projects

Kids sewing patterns and projects many times have clothes and toys. When you are picking a pattern for a young child, consider the projects he or she enjoys. Get their input. The greater the interest in the projects, the greater the enjoyment they'll have making them.

Many of the simplest projects make use of socks. There are a lot of kinds of toys that can be sewn from socks.

Hand puppets could be made by sewing on a fringe of yarn for hair. Internet retailers and hobby stores sell simple to sew on yarn hair that is pre-connected to a fabric piece. All the child needs to do is sew it on to the toe or heel of the sock, dependent upon the kind of puppet they want to create.

The yarn hair can be attached by using a machine. This is an ideal project for using basic straight stitches, but it's a good idea to practice with an old sheet or some fabric scraps beforehand.

Socks could be filled and sewn together at the leg opening to make miniature stuffed creatures. This project is great for teaching children sewing machine techniques, too. The seam used to stitch the leg opening of the sock closed is fundamentally the same one as the seams which they could one day use to make clothes or other crafts.

Penguins, bears, and horses are just a few of the animals that could be sewn by using socks. Lots of patterns are flexible in this respect. By altering the positioning of the ears, nose, mouth, and eyes, one can make a different animal.

Socks can be utilized for instructing in more advanced skills, as well. Rather than sticking to the basic shape of the sock, it can be cut into pieces and then sewn back together in divers ways to make wee wings for a bird or arms for a small doll.

Cutting the pieces lets a youngster to practice using their scissors. If a preprinted pattern is used, it helps the child to cut fabric with a pattern.

Sewing a kite is an ideal project for teaching children sewing. The projects are comparably simple to complete, but when a child's abilities advance, the basic project could be revised. For example, the kid might choose to make a new spring kite with a more decorative center that must be stitched on.

Nylon fabric is advised when making kites. This is very good, since it provides the youngster with practice with how the machine works on more slippery fabrics. The skills carry over to sewing on silks, satins, and other shiny fabrics.

Young girls normally like making clothes for their dolly. There're many patterns made for doll clothes. Young boys normally opt for kites and various toy type projects, but all young kids are not alike. Be sure to always let them help with the determining about which kids sewing patterns to pick.

JoAnn is a sewing enthusiast who enjoys sharing her passion for sewing with all ages. Author of nine books and multiple e-books that explore many sewing applications, JoAnn seeks to encourage you on your sewing journey and instill in you a love for sewing. Visit her at http://www.bunkhousesewing.com/childrens-sewing-books

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