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Dealing With Unexpected Household Situations

At some point in life we all have to deal with unexpected household situations. There is nothing worse at these times than being unprepared and panicking. It's truly best to stay calm and try your best to think rationally, but this can only be successful if you've familiarised yourself with what to do if certain situations produce themselves out of the blue.

Below are some of the most common issues heads of households have to cope with. Be sure to pass on the basic information on how to deal with these with anyone else sharing your living space, be it flatmates or family members.


It's never pleasant to share your home with insects and rodents. The best approach in the fight against these invasive little critters is prevention. If you live in an area prone to infestations, by all means don't leave food out, and keep kitchen counters and tables clean at all times. Remind your family or flatmates to keep dishes clean, and avoid eating in rooms apart from the kitchen to avoid spreading crumbs.

If it's too late to prevent the incident from occurring, call a team of exterminators who can deal with the problem briskly and professionally. While in the case of rodents, traps and poison can be used, this can be a very unpleasant experience for those having to dispose of the resulting carcasses.

Water Leaks

To prevent panic arising when water starts dripping through your ceiling, always make sure to have a bucket or big container on hand to place under the leak, as well as a mop or old towels to soak up any existing puddles.

Try to assess where the water could be coming from. If you live in an apartment block, it could be from your neighbours so you should approach them. It could also be caused by a faulty roof. Once assessed, get on the phone to a plumber or roof repairman straight away.

Gas Leaks

The minute you smell gas is the minute you should dial the gas emergency hotline, and open all the windows in your home, as well as extinguish any naked flames. Leave the boiler as it is, and don't attempt to fiddle with it. The emergency services will advise of further actions to take, that could include evacuation. If this is the case, only enter your home once it's been deemed safe by the authorities.

Heating Failure

Heating systems have the horrible tendency to malfunction just when the temperatures hit an all-year low... But it is easier to handle than you'd think. We all like a good old whine, but actually all it takes to warm up a bit is to put on a few extra layers and huddle together under a duvet with friends or loved ones with hot mugs of tea. Candles can also help warm up a room, and create a warmer atmosphere.

If the weather is particularly cold, boiler repairmen will try their best to prioritise those with broken heating systems.

Power Cuts

In a society so reliant on power for entertainment, it can come as a huge pain to experience a long term power cut. To avoid being stuck without access to your TV, computer and kitchen appliances, have the phone number of an emergency generator rental company on hand. These can be hired quite easily, and the costs of hiring a generator could be split between neighbours if a larger area has been affected by the power cut.

Harvey McEwan writes to offer information on a variety of areas, from why you should always keep the number of an emergency generator rental service on hand, to industrial fan usage. View Harvey's other articles to find out more.

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