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Why and How to Display Children's Art

That first scribble, even if it's just one colored line is gorgeous to a parent. The next creation is also pretty fantastic, but by the time there are dozens of masterpieces and the child isn't even in pre-school, the feeling of awe dims to overwhelmed. What is a parent to do with all these papers?

Sometimes, we want to ask, "what is it?" But enlightened parents know that's taboo. This kind of pointed question can turn off a child. He may not be able to explain it in terms that we as adults can comprehend, because we live in the world of realism while children live in fantasy land. No need to force them to move into our world so quickly. In time, they will get there. Meanwhile, we should encourage their creativity. Therefore, a better response is "tell me about this picture". This shows that you are interested in the child's point of view and allows him to express himself.

Once the parent understands the depiction, it becomes more meaningful and thereby wondrous. This still doesn't mean we have to save every single piece. In fact, what we do save becomes more valuable by virtue of the fact that we have chosen those pieces. The best case scenario is when parents and children make the choices together. That's when selectivity breeds a striving for excellence and autonomy. When the child indicates "this is my favorite" or "I don't like this one", that encourages communication and decisiveness.

The decision to save certain artwork (it's fine for a parent to squirrel away some work for posterity even if the child rejects it) is further enhanced by choosing to display the "creme de la creme". Of course, it's wonderful to change and update the display pieces from time to time, which starts the process all over again.

Displaying artwork shows your child that you are proud of her work, which promotes her self-esteem. Selectivity encourages her to hone her artistic skills and teaches that in life, choices must be made. By selectively displaying and saving your child's art, you as a parent will have beautiful wall decor, cherished memorabilia, and you will have taught your child valuable life lessons in the process!

Now that we have gotten to why display children's art, let's look at how. That old standby, the refrigerator, has its limitations. First of all, most new refrigerators are not magnetic anymore, except perhaps on the sides. Secondly, preservation-wise, this form of display is a disaster as the pieces fall off, curl, and get dirty. Also, the artwork doesn't stand out as it mixes in with cards and notes.

Wall frames with easy to open backs are ideal, especially if they have acrylic fronts (instead of glass) to prevent breakage. This serves to protect and showcase the artwork. Putting the frames in a gallery arrangement makes for an attractive and functional display and gives a young artist a sense of his own space.

"My Own Art Gallery" is a great way to showcase and store children's art. This functional, attractive display/ bulletin board is personalized with your child's name, comes in an array of colors, and features easy to use document size frames to display and store your child's art. The frames and name plaque have acrylic faces so there's no concern about breakage, and the background works as a bulletin board. View "My Own Art Gallery" on our website http://www.SaframesFrames.com. Order it in our etsy store http://www.etsy.com/shop/Saframes.

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