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Job Security for Those With a Compassionate Heart

Are you tired of working that dead end job that will never give you the financial security you crave? Do you wish you could get paid for doing something that makes you feel good? If so, you may be perfectly suited to a career working directly with others. With a short certificate program or a two-year Associate degree, you could find yourself helping others, feeling better about yourself, and enjoying the financial security that you know you deserve.

It may seem like a dream at this moment, but it is possible to start a new career and find the security that you desire. You won't necessarily become a millionaire after completing a short course and starting a new career, but you can find more personal satisfaction and perhaps a higher salary after making such a move.

If you have a big heart and want to make a living while helping others enrich their lives, then the fulfillment you dream of may be just one short course away! You just need to determine what population you would like to work with, and how you would like to help them make their lives better. This type of career is very rewarding so you will make your own life better in the process of helping others. That satisfaction combined with job security in a field that will always be in demand will reward you in ways you cannot imagine right now.

Working with the Elderly

There are some aged care courses that allow you to work directly with the elderly. For the most part, these jobs will put you in daily contact with people who are no longer able to care for themselves completely. Some may live independently with the assistance of professional caregivers. Others live in residential facilities and receive varying levels of care on a daily basis.

After completing coursework in aged care you can receive a professional certificate that allows you to work as personal care provider in a variety of residential homes. You may also qualify to serve as a companion or other entry level positions working with in-home services. You will not be able to deliver any medical care that would legally require a nurse or doctor, but you can do any of the following with a basic certificate:

Cooking and cleaning, general house care
Grooming and body care
Basic companionship or supervision
Transporting to and from appointments
There may be some other things that you can do with an aged care certificate. Consider this the starting point for your new career. You can always further your education with a nursing degree if you want to make even more money and enjoy even more job security.

Working with Children and Teens

There are also a lot of jobs to be gained if you take child care courses and earn a certificate in a related field. You can work in a nursery or start your own nursery in your home. You can work in residential facilities for troubled youth in introductory positions. There may be other child-focused facilities in your local community looking for someone with this type of education as well.

All of these courses can now be taken online, so you don't have to quit your current job to switch to a more rewarding career!

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