Rabu, 05 September 2012

The Hurricane Katrina Memorial 7 Years Later

We all remember what happened in 2005 when television reports all over the world showed the devastation happening in Louisiana. Incredible winds during landfall of 125 mph hit the coast as the category 3 hurricane closed in.We were unprepared for such force of nature and too many lives were lost, actually it was the deadliest hurricane in the country and it seemed so unreal that this could happen in the United States. Crowded shelters, helicopters and the army, it was shocking to say the least.

The aftermath was as unreal especially in the states of Mississippi and Louisiana where the flooding was extensive, houses full of mud up to the ceiling. Houses still standing were often beyond recovery as an estimate of $81 billion dollars in damages was recorded. Teams of workers came together to reconstruct their neighborhoods and a strong camaraderie emerged. People who had lost everything walking strong hand in hand at rebuilding what an awesome sight.

All over the country donations poured in, people touched by the constant images and reminders of how fragile it all is. Animal rescues were so numerous, pets were shipped all over the United States to be adopted by family wanting to do their part.

On August 29th 2012 we will commemorate the 7th year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. After all those years now you would expect this to be all part of the past. But it is far from being behind us as we all learned so much from it that it's hard not to keep it on our minds. People of Louisiana have proven to be courageous and they stood strong and won't ever forget what united them that day.

Fleur-de-lis emblems are more popular than ever as it represent their French heritage and their love for their culture and their state. In French, fleur de lis means "lily flower". You can see it in almost every house on their walls, on forged fences designs, huge statues, tattoos, shirts and jewelry. It is the symbol that unites the people of Louisiana in a significant way, worn by celebrities as support following the event.

As painful as the memories of Hurricane Katrina's passing, people of Louisiana don't want to forget and they celebrate the event. Memorabilias are numerous and you can find a wide variety of them online created by artists from all around the world. An interesting one combines both the hurricane symbol & the fleur de lis symbol into one clear emblem Hurricane Katrina. It can be found as statues but mostly as jewelry. It is surely an eye-catcher and send s a message, a conversation starter for so many people who have been forced to move away from their old neighborhoods and can now associate with the symbol.

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