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How To Create A Beautiful, Practical Outside Space - Main Ingredients And Energetics

Being outdoors gives us a sense of well being, which can be even more powerful when we spend the time to create a beautiful, yet practical outside space. There are many touches that can contribute to enhancing your special outdoor living space.

This article investigates the energy of being outside and how to harness this energy for your benefit. It will give you the basis upon which to plan that special space, which will be nurturing for you and your family. In a sense this article aims to put the earth beneath your feet, giving you the grounding and natural inspiration to create an awe inspiring outdoor place.

The Aim & Ingredients Of A Beautiful, Practical Outside Space
The aim of harnessing the energy of this space, whilst creating a beautiful, special place that you can perhaps imagine in your mind's eye, is to sculpt an area which will fulfill the following goals:

It will be:


Maybe you already have a space that ticks all these boxes, if so that is fantastic. However you may still find this information useful as there are some unique ideas, as well as advice on the correct feng shui for your outdoor living area.

If you feel that your outdoor space has some room for improvement, then you will find the following to be interesting food for thought.

Let's absorb next the energetics of being outside, as it is something that lays the basis for harnessing the energy and potential of your own outdoor living area.

The Energetics Of Being Outside

It is medically accepted that being outside is very healthy for us. In fact in an edition of the Oxford Journals there is an interesting feature on: Healthy Nature, Healthy People - which reinforces the fact that nature plays a vital role in the health of us human beings.

This study also states that in fact public health strategies have yet to tap into and maximise the untapped resources that nature provides to us.

As human beings we have a connection to the Earth that many city dwellers miss, but for those of us who are fortunate enough to have our own outdoor living space, we can appreciate that we have a wonderful opportunity to maximise this, and at the same time enhance our own health. You know that feeling of barefeet on the earth, in the grass or in the sand; it gives a special sensation.

Did you know that children with ADHD have been shown to have milder symptoms when they play in natural outdoor areas, as opposed to playing indoors or in outdoor built up areas? It was found that the more expansive the area was the better the results were.

Although this is only the tip of the iceberg of the almost endless evidence of the positive benefits of spending time in the outdoors, it does give some flavour of the energetics of being outside.

Next we'll investigate a proven method of creating a wonderfully balanced space, either outside or inside.

Why Feng Shui Works, Even For Skeptics

Feng shui is a word that has a different effect on different people. Some people know quite a lot about it, whilst others know little or nothing, and there are plenty of people who feel sceptical about feng shui also.

Feng shui is in fact scientific, and what it does, very simply, is to get us resonating with the creative potential, the balance and natural help that surrounds us. It achieves this by aligning us to our surroundings and by tuning us back into the right frequencies. Yes those good vibrations if you like!

In a later article we will discuss feng shui in more detail, and give specific advice on achieving balance by incorporating the five elements. Also throughout this series there will be feng shui concepts interspersed within the hints and tips.

However regardless of whether you wish to achieve harmony in an outside space or an inside space the very first thing you need to do is get rid of clutter. Some people will find this easier than others, but once you get your head around it in fact it can end up being quite therapeutic.

Form Follows Function

Whilst getting rid of the clutter and considering what will work for your special outdoor space, remember that form follows function.
  1. Are you hoping to do any type of hobby in your space, for example like painting or making crafts?
  2. Who will be the main people living in the outdoor space? Think about them, their likes, dislikes and personalities.
  3. When entertaining how would you like your outside area to feel to your guests?

These are a few of the questions you need to consider before starting to make any changes.

Also think about some of the physical elements that play a part such as:
-Hot tubs and spas
-Wind protection
-Bug control

The next article in this series will investigate how to achieve balance according to Feng Shui principles, and gives some easy to follow tips to make your environment well-balanced if it not already.

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  1. Love all the very valid points you bring up. I lived in the city for about 5 years and I cannot tell you how much happier I am that I moved out to the country and have been spending more time outside. My husband and I recently just added a few verandahs to the house to help us expand our living space.